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from 14.12.2021

Belarus launches Our Children charity campaign

Our Children, a nationwide New Year charity campaign, was launched in a solemn ceremony at the National Art Center for Children and Youth in Minsk.

“The Our Children campaign kicked off throughout the country today, at 12.00. This is our president's initiative that debuted in 1995. For a quarter of a century, adults have been working magic for our children every year. Therefore, today we have gathered in the refurbished National Art Center for Children and Youth and this is one of our New Year gifts for our children,” Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko said.

According to him, it is very important that more and more companies and organizations join the campaign. “These people come together to fulfill children's most cherished dreams and encourage them to aim high and fly high. We are creating all the necessary conditions for them to receive good education," the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

“Our task is to ensure that children pass on the warmth and kindness they receive from adults to their peers, that they support each other in difficult times. This is very important for us. Within a month we will run thematic events throughout the country, so that every child, wherever he/she lives, be it a large city, a town or a small village, receives a New Year's gift and gets his/her wish fulfilled," Igor Petrishenko noted.

The campaign will see a traditional Christmas event in the Palace of the Republic. "By tradition, we will also put together a ball in the Palace of Independence for scholarship holders, winners of national and international school Olympiads, social activists, and athletes who have showed great results," the Deputy Prime Minister added.

The event featured all the regions of the country. Each region was represented by winners of Olympiads, tournaments, creative competitions, sports competitions, as well as children from orphanages and foster families. Regional centers will also host events to launch the charity campaign.

The Our Children charity project will be running in Belarus from 14 December 2021 till 14 January 2022.

Every year, heads of ministries and other government agencies, local authorities, representatives of public associations visit children's care homes and family-type homes, foster families, families raising disabled children, correctional and rehabilitation facilities, hospitals. During the campaign, they wish children a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, give gifts, help address their issues. Public and other organizations join the charity campaign.

Photo: BelTA