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from 29.12.2021

Roman Golovchenko on Western sanctions: Belarus will continue to protect its economic interests

Belarus will continue to protect its economic interests in the face of Western sanctions, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said in an interview with the International Television and Radio Company Mir.

“We have had no sense of confusion or anxiety. We have been preparing in advance, responding and carrying out internal reforms. We have watched for quite a long time how they were trying to punish the Russian Federation with economic sanctions. Therefore, the help and experience of our Russian colleagues also helped us cope with these matters,” said Roman Golovchenko.

On 1 January, in response to the sanctions, Belarus imposes a food embargo on a number of products from countries carrying out unfriendly acts against the country. “This is not the final measure. This is one of the elements of the response which we have developed. There are others as well. We hope that common sense will prevail and this sanctions confrontation will stop. If it does not stop, we will continue to protect our economic interests,” the Prime Minister stressed.

Roman Golovchenko added fact that the interests of Western politicians and business should be differentiated. “Belarusian partners have always been regarded all over the world as predictable, conscientious and responsible. Many businessmen, entrepreneurs are interested not only in preserving, but also in developing economic ties with our enterprises. They constantly give us signals about it at various platforms and, to put it mildly, speak unflatteringly about their own politicians. Therefore, the demand and desire to work with us, including European business, are big,” he said.

Photo: BelTA