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from 29.12.2021

Roman Golovchenko presents state awards to representatives of various sectors

Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko presented state awards to almost 80 representatives of various sectors in a ceremony in the Palace of the Republic on 29 December.

"The awards ceremony is always a festive and solemn occasion to celebrate those who have rightfully deserved the awards. The country needs to know these people," said Roman Golovchenko. "Today, on behalf of the President, I am very pleased to present state awards to the best representatives of various industries."

Among the awardees there are many employees of agriculture. "This year was a difficult one for many sectors of the economy, including agriculture. The weather was, too, unfavorable this year. Despite all the difficulties, our agricultural sector, the agro-industrial complex have worked steadily ," the head of Government said.

Awards were also presented to representatives of the petrochemical industry, manufacturing industry, the energy sector, construction and transport industries, tax authorities. "Your services the national economy is appreciated by the state," the Prime Minister emphasized.

High awards were also conferred on representatives of science. "The role of Belarusian science in shaping the image of our country as a state with a high level of human and intellectual potential is palpable," Roman Golovchenko stated.

Among the awardees, the Prime Minister singled out Dmitry Vladimirov, who was awarded the medal "For a Saved Life". "He rescued two drowning people. Only people strong in spirit are ready to risk their lives to save others. Dmitry Vladimirov turned out to be just that," the head of Government emphasized.

"Dear friends, your enterprises employ hundreds and thousands of professionals. The fact that they nominated you for the government award is a sign of high trust and appreciation of your merits. On behalf of the Government of Belarus, let me express my deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone for their professionalism and dedication," said Roman Golovchenko.

The Prime Minister wished all those present good health, prosperity, and inspiration for new labor achievements.

Photo: BelTA