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from 15.06.2022

Belarusian companies urged to grow more competitive in face of sanctions

In the face of sanctions it is important for Belarusian enterprises to grow more competitive, Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Nazarov said during a ceremony to award the winners of the Government Quality Excellence Award 2021.

"Today, quality is the most important priority of our country's economic policy. These are not just words. This is a must in the difficult times we are going through. After all, the unprecedented sanctions political pressure on us boils down to simple things: they are trying to oust our products from European and other markets. They have limited access to raw materials and broken logistics chains. In fact, we are being cut off from financial resources. In the light of this confrontation, it is important to work even more actively to become more competitive, which means, first of all, higher quality of products and services," Yuri Nazarov said.

According to him, only those companies that build their development strategies on the basis of quality across all stages (from planning, management, organization of production to personnel training) can be a success today.

The government has made targeted efforts to improve product quality. "The tasks to improve the quality and competitiveness of products are spelled out in the program of social and economic development of Belarus for 2021-2025, the main program document of the country. This task is carried out through the implementation of this program by the corresponding ministries and concerns, and also the implementation of a number of comprehensive five-year industrial development programs,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The Belarusian Government Quality Excellence Award 2021 contest was held for its 23rd time. Its prizewinners became 15 organizations. 14 organizations retained the title, one more received a diploma of the contest. Three organizations were awarded special prizes: Leadership, Excellence in Management, Social Responsibility. The winners represent engineering, transport, energy, construction, food and other industries, and also the services sector.

The title of the award holder provides the organization with the reputation of a reliable producer of high quality and competitive products, contributes to the expansion of its markets, and opens new business opportunities. The award holders can use the image of its emblem in the marking of goods, documentation, in advertising materials within three years. The information about the winning companies is available on the websites of the State Committee for Standardization and Quality.bel and is included in the annual catalog sent to representative offices of Belarus abroad.

The event also included the presentation of the Leader of Quality badges and a ceremony to award the winners of the following contests: Best Quality Manager and Best Thesis and Research Work of Students in Quality Management and Control.

Photo: BelTA