Meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers

It is necessary to review the forms and methods of drug abuse prevention in Belarus. This was stated by Prime Minister Sergei Roumas today at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers, where work on countering illicit drug trafficking, prevention of their consumption and the social rehabilitation of people with drug addiction have been discussed.

“Based on today's realities, it is necessary to revise the existing forms and methods of drug abuse prevention, both from the point of view of economic and social efficiency, and from the point of view of their perception by society,” Sergei Roumas said.

Relevant questions remain working with young people. "Preventive measures that are held in educational institutions, bring another effect, then we expected. Young people continue to be involved in drug addiction and drug trafficking," the head of the Government stated.

In his opinion, both the active position of the state and an indifferent attitude on the part of the society are needed in the fight against the drug threat. Properly placed priorities have helped stabilize the situation in the country related to drug trafficking, reduce the number of drug crimes, people involved in drug trafficking and reduce the number of deaths from overdose, the Prime Minister said. Today, the attention is also requires for treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

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