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from 12.03.2021

Priorities of Belarus' CIS presidency in 2021 outlined

Facilitation of the free trade regime, the development of manufacturing cooperation, and the conjugation of integration processes in the post-Soviet space are priorities of Belarus' presidency in the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2021. The statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, Chairman of the CIS Economic Council Igor Petrishenko at the plenary session of the international economic forum CIS – 30 Years on 12 March.

The official underlined that Belarus' presidency in the CIS is aimed at untapping the potential the Commonwealth of Independent States has. The program documents of Belarus' presidency focus on practical matters such as genuine free trade in merchandise without barriers and other obstacles, the creation of a zone of free trade in services, and the expansion of manufacturing cooperation, Igor Petrishenko said. Considerable attention is paid to facilitating administrative procedures in trade, to enhancing the coordinated policy in the area of technical regulation and standardization, in the area of transport, sanitary, veterinary, and phytosanitary measures, to stepping up cooperation in the area of investments, innovations, and other spheres.

Belarus' presidency also includes plans relating to the CIS' 30th anniversary. “We should also keep an eye on work on the quality conjugation of integration processes in the CIS space,” the deputy prime minister continued. “We should not allow the emergence of any dividing lines between the five Eurasian Economic Union member states and the other CIS states. Contrariwise, the best accomplishments of the countries that have decided to step up integration and create an economic union should be suggested for consideration within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States.”