Agencies Subordinate to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus

Belarusian State Food Industry Concern
Chairman -
Address: 6 Aranskaya St., Minsk 220006
Tel.: (8-017)285-03-96

Belarusian State Petroleum and Chemicals Concern
–°hairman - Andrey Riabakov
Address: 73 Dzerzhinskogo Ave., Minsk 220116
Tel.: (8-017)271-79-01

Belarusian State Light Industry Goods Production and Sales Concern
Chairman - Tatyana Lugina
Address:16 K.Tsetkin St., Minsk 220004
Tel.: (8-017)200-30-65

Belarusian Production and Trade Concern of Forestry, Woodworking and Pulp-and-Paper Industry
Chairman -
Address: 16 K.Marksa St., Minsk 220030
Tel.: (8-017)327-44-83

Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Cooperatives
Chairman of the Board -
Address: 17 Pobeditelei Ave., Minsk 220004
Tel.: (8-017)226-80-50

Republican Centre for Sanatorium-and-Spa Treatment
Director – Gennady Bolbatovsky
Address: 17 Masherova Ave., Minsk 220029
Tel.: (8-017)284-73-22

Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities

Aleksandr Rumak
Address: 11 Kommunisticheskaya St., Minsk 220029
Tel.: (8-017) 284-63-44

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