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Resolution of the Council of Ministers

from 21.03.2011

№ 348

Belarus approves privatization plans for 2011-2013

Belarus has approved the privatization plan of enterprises owned by the Republic of Belarus, and the plan to transform the republican unitary enterprises into joint stock companies in 2011-2013. The decision is contained in the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 348 of 21 March 2011.

In terms of privatization of the facilities owned by the Republic of Belarus, the government has compiled the list of companies which shares (stakes in statutory funds) are subject to privatization in 2011-2013. The list includes 244 joint stock companies. Among the biggest machine building companies affiliated with the Industry Ministry are Baranovichi Machine-Tool Plant, Borisov Tool Factory, Brestmash, Vitebsk Instrument-Making Plant, Valmet (Volkovysk) Tekhnopribor (Mogilev).

In 2011, seventeen companies affiliated with the Energy Ministry will be subject to privatization. Among them are Baranovichigazstroi, Belgazstroi (Minsk), Beloozersk Electromechanical Plant, Belenergoavtomatika (Minsk), Gomelgazstroi.

Belneftekhim will offer shares of four companies for sale. These are Grodno Mechanical Plant, Medplast (Gomel), Promzhilstroi (Mogilev), Rechitsa Textile.

The plan also includes many companies affiliated with the Ministry of Construction and Architecture. These are Baranovichi plant of concrete structures, Gomelzhelezobeton, Zabudova (village of Chist, Molodechno District). The list includes enterprises affiliated with the Transport Ministry, Belgospischeprom, Bellegprom, Bellesbumprom, ministries of communications, education, trade and culture.

The plan of corporization embraces 134 companies. Among them are Belorusneft subsidiaries, namely Belorusneft-Mogilevoblnefteprodukt, Belorusneft-Gomeloblnefteprodukt, Belorusneft-Grodnooblnefteprodukt.

The list also includes Belorusneft Production Association (Gomel) and Svetlogorsk-based Khimvolokno.

A range of Belgospishcheprom companies have been shortlisted for transformation into joint stock companies. Among them are Minsk Kristall, Brest Distillery, Grodno Distillery Nemanoff, others.

The companies of the Transport Ministry of Belarus which are on the list include Belavia, Gomelavia and Grodno airline.

Among the companies of the Industry Ministry prepared for corporization are Minsk Tractor Works, its subsidiaries, and also Belarusian Steel Works, Gomselmash, Gomel grain and fodder harvester designing company, Rechitsa Hardware Plant.


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