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Resolution of the Council of Ministers

from 01.11.2011

№ 1462

Four sugar refineries designated as sugar exporters in Belarus

Exporters of white sugar in Belarus are the Gorodeya sugar refinery, Zhabinka sugar refinery, Slutsk sugar refinery and Skidel sugar refinery, according to Resolution No.1462 of the Council of Ministers on 1 November2011.

The State Customs Committee and the Interior Ministry of Belarus within their competence shall take measures to prevent the export of white sugar by business operators. White sugar is exported under Customs Union commodity heading 1701 99 100.

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus will notify, in a manner prescribed by the law, the Customs Union Commission on the introduction of the aforesaid measure and submit a proposal on the application of similar measures by the other Customs Union member states.

The resolution has taken effect and will stay valid till 30 April 2012.​


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