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Resolution of the Council of Ministers

from 03.11.2011

№ 1477

Belarus seeks investor to set up gambling industry monitoring center

Belarus seeks an investor to set up a monitoring center for the gambling industry. The relevant tender has been approved by Council of Ministers resolution No. 1477 of 3 November 2011.

The monitoring center will feed information about the operation of gambling establishments to interested government agencies 24/7 in real time. It will also collect information about money turnover and payouts to gamblers.

No government money will be involved in the project. The investor will have to make sure the information stays secure and confidential and available to government agencies 24/7.

An interagency commission headed by the Tax Minister will choose the winner. The commission also includes representatives of the Interior Ministry, the Tax Ministry, the Economy Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the State Standardization Committee.​


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