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Resolution of the Council of Ministers

from 21.11.2011

№ 1564

Augustow Canal development program approved

The Government approved the program for the development of the special tourist and recreational park “The Augustow Canal” for 2012-2015 years has been approved. The funding will amount to Br8845 million. Relevant decision is contained in Resolution No. 1564 of the Council of Ministers dated 21 November 2011.

The program includes activities aimed at integrated economic development of the special tourist and recreational park, creation of favorable conditions for tourism development and investment projects on its territory, promotion of tourism potential and attracting foreign and domestic investors for the development of facilities, creation and development of engineering, transport and tourism infrastructure.

The program provides for functional zoning of the park into four zones. The zone of family holiday and active tourism is best suited for seasonal recreation (foot and bike hiking, kayaking, rural tourism). The second zone is meant for recreational and entertainment activities. The third zone will be designated for sports and recreational activities. The availability of mineral springs here favors construction of aqua parks, SPA centers and sanatoriums. The estates making part of the Palace and Park complex in the village of Svyatsk (zone No. 4) will be partially remodeled into a multifunctional wellness center.

A special attention will be given to the engineering and transport infrastructure of the park. The development of a network of engineering communications is seen as a priority for the implementation of the investment projects.

The investments are estimated at Br8845 million. Of them a total of Br2800 million are budgetary funds. Some Br5955 million will be allocated from the development fund of the FEZ Grodnoinvest and Br90 million are the funds of the companies.

The effort will enhance the efficiency of the use of natural resources and help develop tourism infrastructure to meet international standards.

The surrounding area of the Neman bed together with the Augustow Canal make a unique place that could become one of the biggest tourist and recreational areas in Grodno Oblast and the Republic of Belarus in general.

According to the document, this is the country’s pilot project.​


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