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Resolution of the Council of Ministers

from 20.02.2016

№ 146

Tariff rate of the first category increased in Belarus

Tariff rate of the first category in Belarus increased to 295 thousand rubles. Foreseen by the decision of the Council of Ministers of 20 February 2016.

In accordance with the decision of the tariff rate of the first category in the amount of 295 thousand rubles effective on January 1, 2016 for the payment of employees of budgetary organizations and other organizations receiving subsidies which workers are equated on wages to workers of budgetary organizations.

From 1 February 2016 also established a monthly surcharge to differentiated employees of budgetary organizations, billable 1 - 17 discharges, in sizes 86 – 75 thousand rubles.

The Ministry of labour and social protection is mandated to set the size of the monthly differential bonuses.

Republican bodies of state administration, local Executive and administrative bodies, heads of the budgetary organizations it is necessary to provide recalculation of wages of employees in accordance with the established tariff rate of the first category and the coefficients of Unified wage grid of workers, taking into account the correction factors differential and monthly bonuses.

The decision comes into force after its official publication and applies to relations arising from 1 January 2016.


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