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Government Decisions

  • Belarus issues Br4.7 trillion of public long-term bonds

    A total of Br4.7 trillion of public long-term bonds with one-year maturity has been issued in Belarus. The decision is contained in Council of Ministers’ Resolution No 1774 of 30 December 2011.

  • Belarus to reduce oil export duties 1 January

    On 1 January 2012 Belarus will reduce export duties on oil and oil products. The relevant decision is envisaged in government resolution No. 1756 of 28 December 2012.

  • Belarus to issue loan guarantee to China under Vitebsk hydroelectric plant project

    The Government of Belarus will issue a guarantee to China Development Bank for the loan on the construction of the Vitebsk hydroelectric plant. Such a decision is contained in Resolution No.1700 of the Council of Ministers of 20 December this year.

  • Belarus increases cigarette quotas by 0.55% to 29.39bn in 2011

    The Government of Belarus has increased quotas for the production of tobacco products in 2011 by 0.55% to 29.39 billion. Such a decision is contained in Resolution No. 1692 of the Council of Ministers as of 15 December. The document came into force on the day of issuing.

  • Belarus guarantees $1bn loan repayment to Sberbank of Russia, EDB

    The Belarusian government has issued a guarantee to Sberbank and the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) that the $1 billion syndicated loan extended to Belaruskali for general corporate purposes, the interest and other payments for the use of the guaranteed loan will be made. The guarantee is laid down by resolutions No. 1633 and No. 1634 of the Council of Ministers of Belarus of 2 December 2011.

  • Belarus to examine China’s experience in setting up industrial parks

    Belarus will examine China’s experience in establishing industrial parks. The Governments of Belarus and China will sign an agreement to organize a relevant workshop in China for Belarusian professionals.

  • Eximgarant of Belarus to insure Venezuelan exports of MAZ, MTZ

    The Belarusian export and import insurance company Eximgarant of Belarus will insure export risks of Minsk Automobile Plant and Minsk Tractor Works for deliveries to Venezuela. The decision is laid down by Belarus’ Council of Ministers resolution No. 1624 of 1 December 2011.

  • Augustow Canal development program approved

    The Government approved the program for the development of the special tourist and recreational park “The Augustow Canal” for 2012-2015 years has been approved. The funding will amount to Br8845 million. Relevant decision is contained in Resolution No. 1564 of the Council of Ministers dated 21 November 2011.

  • China to lend $340m to repair Zhlobin-Gomel road

    The Zhlobin-Gomel road of the М-5/Е271 Minsk-Gomel highway will be renovated using the $340 million credit of China’s Exim Bank. Relevant Resolution No. 1503 was approved by the Council of Ministers on 9 November 2011.

  • Belarus seeks investor to set up gambling industry monitoring center

    Belarus seeks an investor to set up a monitoring center for the gambling industry. The relevant tender has been approved by Council of Ministers resolution No. 1477 of 3 November 2011.

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